Announcing A to Z short story challenge

You know what, craziness happens once in a while. And it happened yesterday night. So the CBC, in which I am a member, announced about they will be distributing book as a prize for the April A to Z challenge.

And there were discussions that this weekend was the deadline. So suddenly a thought came up. Can I write 26 blog posts in 3-4 days time?

As crazy as it sounds, the very thought of it challenged me. So here I am. Announcing that I am taking up the A to Z challenge.

Actually, I got supportive comments from two of my fellow members (Bragadeesh and Shree Janani).  That inspired me too. 🙂

But it does come up with a few challenges. All the posts has to be based on a theme.

So, we discussed micro fiction as a theme and it seems that it was ok.

So, I am trying to come up with rules for this challenge myself, so that I don’t end up cheating too much.

  1. So, it will be 26 short fiction
  2. Each post will be a minimum of 50 words
  3. It can be of different genre.
  4. The story would be edited, at least I would spend 10 minutes editing the stories.

Edit : 

Rule no. 5 : The story needs to be good.  Worth reading.  It need not be great. But a reader shouldn’t feel that her time was wasted.

Preparation for this challenge:

So, drilling down the challenge a bit, I would have to write 26 stories in 4 days. So that makes it 6.5 stories per day. So let’s approximate it to 7 short stories per day.

Yesterday, I started picking a few words in A to Z that immediately made me think. I noted down those words in Evernote.  So that will save me sometime so that everytime I think of an alphabet, I need not go and search for a word.  I have a pre-filled list to get it from.

Even if I have one story per hour, I need to spend 26 hours in just the story writing. With two weekdays and two weekend days, maybe I could pull in those hours.

The challenge is daunting, but somehow I feel I could make it till the end. Let’s see.

So my dear CBCians, that’s what is so great about a like minded group. I would like to thank you for this unintended writing marathon challenge.



Here are the other stories that I have written as part of this challenge :

A – Addiction (A short fiction)

B – Bookmark (A short fiction)

C – Critic (A short fiction)

D – Drip (A short fiction)

E – Escort (A short fiction)

F – Frock (A short fiction)

G – Greed (A short fiction)

H – Hero (A short fiction)

I – Insomnia (A short fiction)

J – Jigsaw (A short fiction)

K – Kick

L – Landline (A short fiction)

M – Minute (A short fiction)

N – Novel (A short fiction)

O – Overtime (A short fiction)

P – Proposal (A short fiction)

R – Revenge (A short fiction)

S – Sunlight (A short fiction)

T – Typewriter (A short fiction)

U – Useless (A short fiction)

V – Vendetta (A short story)

X – Xylophone (A short fiction)

Y – Yogurt (A short fiction)

Z – Zoo (A short fiction)

Please do take your time to read and drop in your comments.  Thanks.