D – Drip (A short fiction)

I feel something tapping my forehead, repeatedly, as I slowly regain my consciousness. I don’t know what it is and where I am, but it’s disturbing.

I try to shake my head, but I just can’t. Feel like, some object is stopping the movement and my head is stuck in one position.

As I try to open my eyes, I realize that it’s all wet around my eyes. Now I start to realize that it’s water drops dripping down drop by drop on my forehead.

I could trace the water droplets as one by one, each one of them drops on my forehead then rolls down towards my eyes and further rolls down my cheeks and into my neck. I could feel that my hair is getting wet as well.


With much difficulty, I slowly open my eyes to see that the room was fully dark. I realize that I am in a lying position. I try to move my hands, legs but I couldn’t move them. Seems my hands and legs too are tied up. Continue reading