R – Revenge (A short fiction)

I looked at the mirror and asked myself what’s wrong with me? Am I not beautiful enough? Let me put it straight. What has she got extra that I haven’t got?

Idiot Reena. She was my best friend, but now I hate her. Because she stole my another best friend and my lover from me. No matter what I do, Rohan just doesn’t entertain me. He always went behind her.

What’s missing from me? I look damn beautiful, hot and sexy too. All was fine when Rohan and I were best friends since school. That all changed when we entered college. I and Rohan got admission into the same college, and that was the first time Reena entered our lives.


They became friends, they became closer and closer. I was livid with him for not spending enough time with me, I was getting more and more possessive about him. That’s when I actually started loving him. Then I had a big fight with him, we didn’t speak for some days. So he came up with a proposal, that the three of us be friends. I thought, let’s just try it out. Continue reading

N – Novel (A short fiction)

“Wow, this doesn’t usually happen.” I exclaim.

I read today’s page from the life novel, just to confirm if it’s really true. It read,

“Today, I saw a handsome young man at the Moore’s cafe, in Chennai. He had the life novel along with him. I think I have read about him in the life novel that I have, he usually came to the Moore’s cafe carrying his laptop. He had mentioned in the novel that, he usually wears a white t-shirt with blue jean, and the white t-shirt has an owl symbol in it. I remember reading from the life novel, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the person, about whom I was reading. “

“I usually come to the cafe at 5.00 o clock, but today I came in by 6.00 PM because I had some other work. Maybe this is his regular time. So, from tomorrow I will also come in by 6.00 PM. Why? Because I kinda like him. I have read about him, he’s a nice chap, from what I have read about him and now looking at him in person, I have somehow started liking him. He noticed me looking at him, I felt a bit awkward. After that, I didn’t look at him much as I was shy and embarrassed. After a while, I left the cafe.”


It’s so fascinating, isn’t it? I mean the concept of a Life Novel. How on earth the Novel writes itself? That too one page a day, about a random person on earth who also has the life novel. Like this girl who is reading my life as a novel, one page a day. Continue reading

M – Minute (A short fiction)

I was at the office, thinking about the latest appraisal, sitting in front of my colleague and friend.

“Nothing is going right for me, at the moment” I said to my dear friend, Hitesh.“It’s ok Swetha.  It’s alright.  Why are you feeling so emotional for an appraisal?” he said.

“Yeah. It’s right.  Leave it. We will talk something else.” I said.

“Are you having some personal problems?” he said.

I didn’t reply, as I didn’t know how would it feel.  I thought it would be embarrassing to tell to a friend about my personal life.  But I also thought, I wanted to tell this to someone.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel like it.” he said. Continue reading

E – Escort (A short fiction)

It’s about time my flight took off as I was thinking about her.

I usually went to Delhi on my business trips, but this time I was travelling just to meet her. It’s actually the 10th time, that I was meeting her. Yeah, I have kept a count. Because, each meeting has been memorable and I was slowly falling in love with her.

The first time, when I met her, she came to my hotel room at the Taj Palace. We had a nice chat, we got comfortable and then we travelled together to meet various business stakeholders, roamed a couple of places. I always loved the company of escorts. Their main job is to keep high profile business people like me comfortable, keep them good company and obviously fulfil their sexual desires.

One thing about escorts is that they are generally highly educated, independent and they know how to please their clients. And I am not talking about just the sex. They do know how to behave in various situations, how to give company. Afterall, I needed it. I felt lonely in life at 50, after my wife died of cancer.

Me and my wife loved each other so much, her loss left a gaping hole inside me. It’s been 8 years but I have still not recovered fully. And I have never tried to find love, as most of the people I have met in my surroundings were gold diggers. One problem with getting rich is that you will never know what people’s true intentions are. There’s always this doubt about what the other person wants from you.


But, I rarely felt lonely at home, because work kept me occupied. But whenever I was out on official trip, I felt very lonely. That’s why I started liking the company of escorts.

I have been doing this since the past three years. I have been meeting different girls, rarely I have asked for the same girl twice. But she is an exception, Madhuri. Continue reading

B – Bookmark (A short fiction)

I flick through the pages of a book. I’m at the fag end of the book. The book that I have been reading since a week. As I am reading, all of a sudden, I hear a vibrating sound near my book. I get startled. That’s what usually happens with me when I am deeply involved with something and I get disturbed.

“Amma calling” flashes in the mobile.

“Why is she disturbing me?” I think to myself.


I pick up the call and “Amma, I will be starting in another 15 minutes ma.”

“Ok my dear, come carefully. The road might be lonely” she says.

“Ok ma. I will take care.”

No matter how much I grow up, mom will always be a mom. For her, i am still that little girl wearing a frock and flaunting a ponytail.

But how much ever I scold her, she is my biggest support. Especially after what happened in my life. Continue reading

Black and White – A short fiction

Alarm goes off. It’s 7.00 AM.  It’s a big day for Abhishek.  It’s Valentine’s day and It’s been three months since Abhishek and Deepthi have started talking to each other.

They worked in a software company.  Although they belonged to the same project, they never saw each other for nearly 3 months after she joined the company.  they saw each other at the office cafeteria at a colleague’s birthday celebration and they instantly hit off.  It felt like they already shared a bond and it was just a matter of time, before they meet and hit off.  Such was their initial interactions, they felt so close to each other.  They felt like they have known each other for years.

Being an orphan, he managed to find his soulmate in her.  And she too didn’t seem to mind that he was an orphan, even though she was from a very conservative family.  But she was a modern woman with modern thoughts. He loved her truly and he felt she did the same to him.

“Finally, I am going to propose my love to Deepthi” he thought.

“But wait.  You said you are going to say the truth today.” his alter ego said. Continue reading