S – Sunlight (A short fiction)

She was charming and extroverted. I was shy and introverted. I never thought she would be the love of my life. My second love, I should say.

I had a terrible breakup the first time around. It was love from my school days, right from 8th standard. But once we moved to college, our love started decreasing and our fights started increasing.

She enjoyed the new college atmosphere and new friends, whereas I could hardly make any friends, because I was too shy. So my only world was her, so when she ignored me by being with her new friends, I got possessive of her and it started a lot of fights. But she wouldn’t understand my need to talk to her. I wouldn’t understand her need for space. So our different characteristics resulted in us, growing further apart. Even the best of love can be destroyed due to misunderstanding.


So, by the end of first year of college, she had already found a new boyfriend and we had broken up. It dejected me a lot to find her out with someone else. It was too damn painful to realize whatever was happening was indeed real. Continue reading

B – Bookmark (A short fiction)

I flick through the pages of a book. I’m at the fag end of the book. The book that I have been reading since a week. As I am reading, all of a sudden, I hear a vibrating sound near my book. I get startled. That’s what usually happens with me when I am deeply involved with something and I get disturbed.

“Amma calling” flashes in the mobile.

“Why is she disturbing me?” I think to myself.


I pick up the call and “Amma, I will be starting in another 15 minutes ma.”

“Ok my dear, come carefully. The road might be lonely” she says.

“Ok ma. I will take care.”

No matter how much I grow up, mom will always be a mom. For her, i am still that little girl wearing a frock and flaunting a ponytail.

But how much ever I scold her, she is my biggest support. Especially after what happened in my life. Continue reading