Z – Zoo (A short fiction)

It was a hot summer day, when we went to the zoo. Our school was taking us to an excursion, to the zoo. And we were all very happy. We were studying 7th standard, so we were all pretty excited to see the animals over there.

This was the 90s, when India was just entering into a period where it could be called a developing economy in another 10 years.

So, during that phase, going to a zoo was such an achievement and so much enjoyment that we were all extremely elated.


So, we reached there in a bus arranged by the school. And there were teachers who took us along to each area and showed the animals to us.

“Hey, look there. It’s a deer.” someone said.

“Hey, look there. It’s a peacock.” the other said.

Everyone was so excited to see the animals. I was pretty excited too. But I would always miss the excitement of a big group of friends. I was always a misfit to any group, so I was alone mostly. Continue reading

Y – Yogurt (A short fiction)

I always loved yogurts, I loved the different flavours of it. Even my dad loved yogurts, Every time we buy some and bring it home, he and me would compete with each other to get to the yogurt first.

But my dad remains no more, he died when I was very young, like I was 8 years old. I was told by my paternal uncle, Shakthi, that he died due to excessive drinking. Yeah, he was a drinker, he used to drink a lot. If it was now, I would have openly said him not to drink, but at that time, I never knew something like this could happen due to drinking.

My uncle and aunt were responsible in my growth. They took care of me like my parents, ever since my dad left me. I had lost my mother immediately after giving birth to me. I have just seen her photo, wasn’t fortunate to see her face even once. So, from very early on in my life, my father, my uncle and my aunt were very close to each other.


We all used to stay together in our big bungalow.

My dad ran many companies and I should say we are all very rich. I have heard from my uncle that he struggled to find a good job and eventually settled to work as assistant to my Dad. Continue reading

H – Hero (A short fiction)

I always wanted to become a hero. I wanted to taste that celebrity status. I wanted to understand, how it felt like. Besides, I always knew I wanted to be in acting and to be very good at it. So, I was practicing hard and was always improving my acting skills.

Daily, I spent 4 hours at the gym trying to maintain my 6-pack abs. That’s cool. Isn’t it? Having a 6-pack abs.

Nowadays, many heroes have it. But still, it’s a differentiation. Everyone is an actor, nowadays. But to get that solitary chance, I would have to struggle. Struggle a lot. And that’s where these small things stand out.

I was meeting several assistant directors and then directors. To keep my profile updated, I would just act in short films.

I would always choose a new director, and whose story is damn good and there is good scope for acting. It was like a win win for both me as well as the new and aspiring director.

But that day was very important, as I was about to go and meet a famous director. Apparently, he saw me in one of the premiered short films and wanted me to meet him to discuss about his upcoming project.


It was a dream come true for me. I was going to talk with the most respected director in the Tamil film industry. When I heard the news from his assistant director, I couldn’t believe the news and I pinched myself several times, I was so overjoyed and filled with disbelief. I knew, for my efforts, the results would come, but I didn’t think the opportunity will be this big. Continue reading

Announcing A to Z short story challenge

You know what, craziness happens once in a while. And it happened yesterday night. So the CBC, in which I am a member, announced about they will be distributing book as a prize for the April A to Z challenge.

And there were discussions that this weekend was the deadline. So suddenly a thought came up. Can I write 26 blog posts in 3-4 days time?

As crazy as it sounds, the very thought of it challenged me. So here I am. Announcing that I am taking up the A to Z challenge.

Actually, I got supportive comments from two of my fellow members (Bragadeesh and Shree Janani).  That inspired me too. 🙂

But it does come up with a few challenges. All the posts has to be based on a theme.

So, we discussed micro fiction as a theme and it seems that it was ok.

So, I am trying to come up with rules for this challenge myself, so that I don’t end up cheating too much.

  1. So, it will be 26 short fiction
  2. Each post will be a minimum of 50 words
  3. It can be of different genre.
  4. The story would be edited, at least I would spend 10 minutes editing the stories.

Edit : 

Rule no. 5 : The story needs to be good.  Worth reading.  It need not be great. But a reader shouldn’t feel that her time was wasted.

Preparation for this challenge:

So, drilling down the challenge a bit, I would have to write 26 stories in 4 days. So that makes it 6.5 stories per day. So let’s approximate it to 7 short stories per day.

Yesterday, I started picking a few words in A to Z that immediately made me think. I noted down those words in Evernote.  So that will save me sometime so that everytime I think of an alphabet, I need not go and search for a word.  I have a pre-filled list to get it from.

Even if I have one story per hour, I need to spend 26 hours in just the story writing. With two weekdays and two weekend days, maybe I could pull in those hours.

The challenge is daunting, but somehow I feel I could make it till the end. Let’s see.

So my dear CBCians, that’s what is so great about a like minded group. I would like to thank you for this unintended writing marathon challenge.



Here are the other stories that I have written as part of this challenge :

A – Addiction (A short fiction)

B – Bookmark (A short fiction)

C – Critic (A short fiction)

D – Drip (A short fiction)

E – Escort (A short fiction)

F – Frock (A short fiction)

G – Greed (A short fiction)

H – Hero (A short fiction)

I – Insomnia (A short fiction)

J – Jigsaw (A short fiction)

K – Kick

L – Landline (A short fiction)

M – Minute (A short fiction)

N – Novel (A short fiction)

O – Overtime (A short fiction)

P – Proposal (A short fiction)

R – Revenge (A short fiction)

S – Sunlight (A short fiction)

T – Typewriter (A short fiction)

U – Useless (A short fiction)

V – Vendetta (A short story)

X – Xylophone (A short fiction)

Y – Yogurt (A short fiction)

Z – Zoo (A short fiction)

Please do take your time to read and drop in your comments.  Thanks.