E – Escort (A short fiction)

It’s about time my flight took off as I was thinking about her.

I usually went to Delhi on my business trips, but this time I was travelling just to meet her. It’s actually the 10th time, that I was meeting her. Yeah, I have kept a count. Because, each meeting has been memorable and I was slowly falling in love with her.

The first time, when I met her, she came to my hotel room at the Taj Palace. We had a nice chat, we got comfortable and then we travelled together to meet various business stakeholders, roamed a couple of places. I always loved the company of escorts. Their main job is to keep high profile business people like me comfortable, keep them good company and obviously fulfil their sexual desires.

One thing about escorts is that they are generally highly educated, independent and they know how to please their clients. And I am not talking about just the sex. They do know how to behave in various situations, how to give company. Afterall, I needed it. I felt lonely in life at 50, after my wife died of cancer.

Me and my wife loved each other so much, her loss left a gaping hole inside me. It’s been 8 years but I have still not recovered fully. And I have never tried to find love, as most of the people I have met in my surroundings were gold diggers. One problem with getting rich is that you will never know what people’s true intentions are. There’s always this doubt about what the other person wants from you.


But, I rarely felt lonely at home, because work kept me occupied. But whenever I was out on official trip, I felt very lonely. That’s why I started liking the company of escorts.

I have been doing this since the past three years. I have been meeting different girls, rarely I have asked for the same girl twice. But she is an exception, Madhuri. Continue reading