B – Bookmark (A short fiction)

I flick through the pages of a book. I’m at the fag end of the book. The book that I have been reading since a week. As I am reading, all of a sudden, I hear a vibrating sound near my book. I get startled. That’s what usually happens with me when I am deeply involved with something and I get disturbed.

“Amma calling” flashes in the mobile.

“Why is she disturbing me?” I think to myself.


I pick up the call and “Amma, I will be starting in another 15 minutes ma.”

“Ok my dear, come carefully. The road might be lonely” she says.

“Ok ma. I will take care.”

No matter how much I grow up, mom will always be a mom. For her, i am still that little girl wearing a frock and flaunting a ponytail.

But how much ever I scold her, she is my biggest support. Especially after what happened in my life. Continue reading