Announcing 2 new EBooks

My dear readers/writers,

I am glad to announce that I am planning to self publish 2 Ebooks in the coming weeks.

As you know, I recently wrote 26 short stories in 7 days in the A to Z short story challenge, I am planning to self publish two Ebooks out of it.

Book #1:

Collection of all or the best short stories that I wrote during the challenge.  I am planning to append each short story with a section called Behind the Scenes which talks about what went through my mind when I wrote that story, how that story originated and what decisions the character took, etc.

Book #2:

TitleWhat I learnt from writing 26 short stories in 7 days?

Format – Kindle EBooks

Target Audience – Upcoming writers, struggling writers looking for motivation, upcoming writers who are looking to come out of their writer’s block?

This is basically what I learnt from this short challenge.  It will detail out how the challenge started, the plans I made for the challenge, what changed in between, my learning, how I overcame Writer’s Block, etc.

I am planning to publish Book #2 first and Book #1 a bit later, as I have got some work to do for it.  So I am here to take a list of readers/writers who might be interested in Book #2 first.

During the promotional days, I would give this EBook for free.  If you are interested in the learning that I had, please click the below link and fill your email id.

If you are interested, click here.

Please feel free to reblog this post or share the url with your friends/readers/writers who might be interested.

Also, if you have any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments.

Z – Zoo (A short fiction)

It was a hot summer day, when we went to the zoo. Our school was taking us to an excursion, to the zoo. And we were all very happy. We were studying 7th standard, so we were all pretty excited to see the animals over there.

This was the 90s, when India was just entering into a period where it could be called a developing economy in another 10 years.

So, during that phase, going to a zoo was such an achievement and so much enjoyment that we were all extremely elated.


So, we reached there in a bus arranged by the school. And there were teachers who took us along to each area and showed the animals to us.

“Hey, look there. It’s a deer.” someone said.

“Hey, look there. It’s a peacock.” the other said.

Everyone was so excited to see the animals. I was pretty excited too. But I would always miss the excitement of a big group of friends. I was always a misfit to any group, so I was alone mostly. Continue reading

X – Xylophone (A short fiction)

My daughter loved the music that came from the xylophone. Especially if it came from her dad’s xylophone. She has had a strange attraction towards the xylophone.

My husband, an art lover and more specifically a music lover always loved to play the xylophone for our daughter. The happiness that we saw in her whenever she heard the music was priceless.

So, he would come home from work, would get refreshed, have a cup of tea and would start to play the xylophone, to cheer up our daughter. My daughter absolutely would love it. Even, I loved his music. It was a treat to the ears. He was exceptional with his xylophone skills. Me and my daughter would be gleefully listening to the music, we would completely forget ourselves. Sometimes, we would get tears in our eyes with the happiness filled in our hearts.


It was like a ritual for us daily. This would happen for several years, even after our daughter grew up till age 6. Continue reading

S – Sunlight (A short fiction)

She was charming and extroverted. I was shy and introverted. I never thought she would be the love of my life. My second love, I should say.

I had a terrible breakup the first time around. It was love from my school days, right from 8th standard. But once we moved to college, our love started decreasing and our fights started increasing.

She enjoyed the new college atmosphere and new friends, whereas I could hardly make any friends, because I was too shy. So my only world was her, so when she ignored me by being with her new friends, I got possessive of her and it started a lot of fights. But she wouldn’t understand my need to talk to her. I wouldn’t understand her need for space. So our different characteristics resulted in us, growing further apart. Even the best of love can be destroyed due to misunderstanding.


So, by the end of first year of college, she had already found a new boyfriend and we had broken up. It dejected me a lot to find her out with someone else. It was too damn painful to realize whatever was happening was indeed real. Continue reading

R – Revenge (A short fiction)

I looked at the mirror and asked myself what’s wrong with me? Am I not beautiful enough? Let me put it straight. What has she got extra that I haven’t got?

Idiot Reena. She was my best friend, but now I hate her. Because she stole my another best friend and my lover from me. No matter what I do, Rohan just doesn’t entertain me. He always went behind her.

What’s missing from me? I look damn beautiful, hot and sexy too. All was fine when Rohan and I were best friends since school. That all changed when we entered college. I and Rohan got admission into the same college, and that was the first time Reena entered our lives.


They became friends, they became closer and closer. I was livid with him for not spending enough time with me, I was getting more and more possessive about him. That’s when I actually started loving him. Then I had a big fight with him, we didn’t speak for some days. So he came up with a proposal, that the three of us be friends. I thought, let’s just try it out. Continue reading

Q – Quarter (A short fiction)

“Hi, I am Mr. Raam and I need to meet Mr. Murugan, I am from ATZ pvt. Ltd. I have an appointment at 10.30 AM” I said.

The receptionist talked to someone over the phone and asked to wait. While I was sitting, I started to wonder.

“Am I doing the right thing? Is this really required? Am I being too honest? What will the company do to me if I did this?”

It was the end of the quarter, and we had to sign this deal to achieve our target for that quarter, otherwise my job would have be on the firing line. And they will fire me and hire another manager, who can provide them with better results. That’s how businesses work.


I always had high ethics and moral code even if I was a Sales manager. It’s always difficult to be in sales, if you want to be honest and straightforward.

“You see, you only have one problem. You are just too straight forward.” my first boss said, and asked me to improve. Continue reading

P – Proposal (A short fiction)

I felt extremely tired, but I had to finish this fast. It was a designer dress for my girl. I mean, officially she wasn’t my girl yet. But, I had been loving her since long.

I had to finish the work in another two hours. After that, I needed to head to college, as there were exams the next day and I hadn’t even studied. “I will mostly fail in this exam” I thought, but I was hardly bothered about that. During daytime, I couldn’t design the dress as my mother would be home, asking a lot of questions.That night, she was thinking that I was studying in my room, for the exams.

It had taken more than two weeks for me to do everything. It was a beautiful t-shirt and long skirt, designed only by me. I saw several youtube videos, read plenty of articles on how to design a dress on my own. I even bought a portable sewing machine, with money borrowed from friends.


The stitching, the embroidery of several hearts, careful sticking of shining stones all these took a lot of time. It was her birthday, the next day, and I planned to gift whatever I had designed to her and then propose my love to her. Continue reading