A – Addiction (A short fiction)

“Promise. This is the last time I am going to drink.” I promised to myself and had another round of gin.

“Today, today is the last day, to be precise”

I have been trying to stop this deadly habit since two years.

I have always been a heavy drinker. Ever since my college days. My other friends knew their limits. But somehow I didn’t. I liked the imaginary world it takes me to. So I drink more and more. And usually, I would drink a lot and then pass out.

I never wanted to quit till they arranged a marriage for me. After that I really really wanted to quit.


Ever since I got married, I reduced my drinking parties. I would reduce it to once every two days instead of everyday. I had told her about my drinking habits, but as most women think that they can make a bad man good, she thought so. Continue reading