B – Bookmark (A short fiction)

I flick through the pages of a book. I’m at the fag end of the book. The book that I have been reading since a week. As I am reading, all of a sudden, I hear a vibrating sound near my book. I get startled. That’s what usually happens with me when I am deeply involved with something and I get disturbed.

“Amma calling” flashes in the mobile.

“Why is she disturbing me?” I think to myself.


I pick up the call and “Amma, I will be starting in another 15 minutes ma.”

“Ok my dear, come carefully. The road might be lonely” she says.

“Ok ma. I will take care.”

No matter how much I grow up, mom will always be a mom. For her, i am still that little girl wearing a frock and flaunting a ponytail.

But how much ever I scold her, she is my biggest support. Especially after what happened in my life. Continue reading

Am I my own enemy?

I wrote this piece long time back.  It was in my draft, now publishing this.

That feeling of not able to achieve what I am capable of.

That feeling of emptiness where I don’t feel appreciated.

That feeling of not being able to help others despite having the heart to do that.

That feeling of sometimes not even being able to help myself.

That feeling of betraying my own self by not accomplishing things that I was supposed to. Continue reading

Burn marks – My first haiku

Burn marks on a child.
Emotional Scars unhealed.
A psycho is born.

– By Rajaraman

This is my first try towards haiku writing.  Thanks to Shashidhar Sir, author of Songs of the Mist who inspired me to write haikus (through his session on writing haikus).  Feel free to critique.

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I shiver… – Daily Post Challenge #3

I shiver.

I shiver not because I sleep in an airconditioned room.

I shiver not because of joy when I go for an expensive vacation to a cold country.

I shiver.

I shiver because I live in the road platform.

I shiver because there isn’t any home for me.

I shiver because there isn’t nowhere to go.

I shiver because there is barely enough cloth to cover all my bodyparts.

I shiver because it’s raining.

I shiver when a gentle breeze hits me in this chilling rain with no mercy.

I shiver because that’s the way my body reacts

I shiver because there is no choice.


– Feelings of a person who is living in the platform due to poverty.

This was written in response to today’s daily post prompt – Shiver.


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