Z – Zoo (A short fiction)

It was a hot summer day, when we went to the zoo. Our school was taking us to an excursion, to the zoo. And we were all very happy. We were studying 7th standard, so we were all pretty excited to see the animals over there.

This was the 90s, when India was just entering into a period where it could be called a developing economy in another 10 years.

So, during that phase, going to a zoo was such an achievement and so much enjoyment that we were all extremely elated.


So, we reached there in a bus arranged by the school. And there were teachers who took us along to each area and showed the animals to us.

“Hey, look there. It’s a deer.” someone said.

“Hey, look there. It’s a peacock.” the other said.

Everyone was so excited to see the animals. I was pretty excited too. But I would always miss the excitement of a big group of friends. I was always a misfit to any group, so I was alone mostly. Continue reading

Y – Yogurt (A short fiction)

I always loved yogurts, I loved the different flavours of it. Even my dad loved yogurts, Every time we buy some and bring it home, he and me would compete with each other to get to the yogurt first.

But my dad remains no more, he died when I was very young, like I was 8 years old. I was told by my paternal uncle, Shakthi, that he died due to excessive drinking. Yeah, he was a drinker, he used to drink a lot. If it was now, I would have openly said him not to drink, but at that time, I never knew something like this could happen due to drinking.

My uncle and aunt were responsible in my growth. They took care of me like my parents, ever since my dad left me. I had lost my mother immediately after giving birth to me. I have just seen her photo, wasn’t fortunate to see her face even once. So, from very early on in my life, my father, my uncle and my aunt were very close to each other.


We all used to stay together in our big bungalow.

My dad ran many companies and I should say we are all very rich. I have heard from my uncle that he struggled to find a good job and eventually settled to work as assistant to my Dad. Continue reading

X – Xylophone (A short fiction)

My daughter loved the music that came from the xylophone. Especially if it came from her dad’s xylophone. She has had a strange attraction towards the xylophone.

My husband, an art lover and more specifically a music lover always loved to play the xylophone for our daughter. The happiness that we saw in her whenever she heard the music was priceless.

So, he would come home from work, would get refreshed, have a cup of tea and would start to play the xylophone, to cheer up our daughter. My daughter absolutely would love it. Even, I loved his music. It was a treat to the ears. He was exceptional with his xylophone skills. Me and my daughter would be gleefully listening to the music, we would completely forget ourselves. Sometimes, we would get tears in our eyes with the happiness filled in our hearts.


It was like a ritual for us daily. This would happen for several years, even after our daughter grew up till age 6. Continue reading

W – Wild (A short fiction)

It was the latest talk in town, the crocodile park. It was recently opened and as college going youngsters, we had to go there. So went there on the first day with our gang.

Ours was a gang of 6 people, all male. We had a strict no female policy in the group. The truth was none of us was social enough or was patient enough to go talk and befriend girls. We, somehow thought that if we are cool, then the girls would come and talk to us.

And it so happens with a gang like us, that if one of us talks with a girl, the rest of the 5 members would gang up against that one person and make his life, hell. On top of it, they would call the boy’s name whenever the girl crosses. Which girl would voluntarily get embarrassed? So she would stop talking.


So, five members’ strong will power and jealousy to keep that one person off a girl would eventually win over that one person’s will to befriend a girl and probably go ahead with a relationship. Continue reading

V – Vendetta (A short story)

I tried to regain my consciousness, I slowly opened my eyes, that’s when I saw Thanikachalam, my most trusted aide, sitting on the chair. Seemed he dozed off a bit.

That’s when I remember why I was in the hospital. My nephew Deena shot me, but his aim missed. The bullet only hit my shoulders. And my people stopped him from firing another round of bullets. They even tried to shoot him, but I stopped them. I asked them to let him go, and they admitted me to the hospital.

That’s how the life of a gangster would be, never safe, you never know when you would die and who would kill you. There were always a lot of enemies.

It all started with my brother in law, Dinakaran shooting our boss, Thala, as we used to call him. He shot Thala right in front of my eyes. Thala was my mentor, my guide, my wellwisher, everything. Not only for me but for a whole lot of people. He was a real Don.


I was the most trusted aide of Thala. And I introduced Dinakaran into the group, as he was interested in joining our gang and making a name for himself.

He was good, quite good at his job, but he was egoistic and started to desire for a supreme position in the gang. Soon, he became the next trusted aide after me. He had a sub-gang on his own and an area of his own to take care, just like me. He was forming as an alternate power center. Continue reading

U – Useless (A short fiction)

“You are an useless idiot.” Ekambaram’s father said. “Can’t you pass in even one exam?”

“Appa, I am not interested in studying, pa. Please understand.” Ekambaram said.

“Shut up, you stupid guy.” he said and lifted his hand, that’s when the mother stopped him.

“It’s ok, please leave him. I will talk to him, he will pass the next exam.” Ekambaram’s mother promised.

After that, the father cooled down and just went away from that place, as he didn’t want to talk anymore.


“Eka, what happened to you? Why are you saying you are not interested in studies?” his mother said.

“I am interested in painting ma. I am not interested in studies. I want to become a painter ma.” Continue reading

T – Typewriter (A short fiction)

I went to the nearby stationery shop and asked the shopkeeper “Boss, do you have the typewriter ribbon?” I said.

He gave me a strange look “What? Typewriter ribbon? You mean the old typewriter, in which you type?” he said.

“Yes. The same one. Do you have the ribbon for that?”

“No. Sorry. I mean who uses typewriter, these days.” he chuckled.

I expected this sort of response, so I didn’t respond to him and I left. I finally couldn’t find anything in the local shops. Then I thought of ordering it online. I thought, there must be some website which sells it.


The story of my typewriter is really strange. As an aspiring writer, I was struggling with a severe Writer’s block. I would sit in front of my computer for hours, but wouldn’t write a single word. I would get blocked completely. I was searching in the web for anything and everything related to writer’s block. In one website, they mentioned that using a Typewriter solved a writer’s problem. He also gave some scientific justification that the sound of the typewriter is so rhythmic that it acts as a creative inspiration and helps writers write. Continue reading