What I learnt from writing an anonymous message on whatsapp that went viral?

[Not a short story]

First of all, I broke my writing rhythm.  I have not written anything for two weeks except a single piece (which forms the crux of this post).

I got extremely busy at office.  Plus to add to that this entire thing that made the whole nation crazy is keeping my mind occupied.  Yeah, you guessed it right.  I am talking about demonetization.

Like every person who heard the news, I was surprised by the gutsy move by our Prime Minister.  But when I watched the news channels, almost all news channels except one bashed the move as it was affecting the common man.  I had strong feelings and opinions to share about the topic, so I wanted to write something about it.

I had to wait till next day for writing the message.  But I thought, how would I propagate the message to a larger audience.  I wanted to know a few things here.  Whether people will accept what I am about to write.  And who will share my message to the larger public.

So I used a different medium other than my blog.  Yes, it was Whatsapp. Continue reading

Accident of a not so loved one? [Real] – A repost

[This is not fiction, but real, absolutely real. I made some edits in wordpress mobile app, it somehow managed to delete the entire post. So reposting it.]

This morning, I opened my office email to a bad news. The sad demise of a colleague due to an accident.  And she wasn’t someone I knew.  I have never met her or even spoken with her. But I have often seen her in my office’s pantry and cafeteria. And I felt bad about the news.

Death at such a young age, due to an accident.  Wish some things could be reversed.

This reminded me of a similar experience that I had last year. Another colleague of mine met with an accident and died.  Again I didn’t knew him much, I have talked with him once through a common friend.  I knew him no more than that, never spoke with him.  An occasional hi, bye..  That’s it.

But I felt bad again, that day.

Cause of both these deaths: Accident.

As I was thinking about these two people, I felt sad. I am a nobody to these folks. Yet I felt sad. I just imagined how their loved ones would have felt. Their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, close friends and family.  How much their hearts would have felt?

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How my life changed since I started writing/blogging

This post was written for a contest in collaboration with Sweek and Chennai Bloggers Club (#ChennaiBloggers, #ChennaiBloggersClub )

How my life changed since I started writing/blogging“.  This topic evoked my curiosity, so I decided to write about it.


If you don’t want to read a longish post about my personal adventure with writing, feel free to skip to the part “Writing/Blogging changed my life in the following ways” below.  But if you want to understand the complete essence of how writing helped me out, please read on.

Before 2005

2005 is a critical year as I graduated that year.  I was a typical Indian kid who was never interested in reading.  I do remember reading chacha choudary, twinkle digest, etc. but nothing out of the ordinary.  I was a 90s kid, so I had limited access to technology while growing up.  I was never an avid reader.  I used to watch a lot of cricket, especially Harsha Bhogle’s commentary which helped me get better in the English language. Continue reading

Am I my own enemy?

I wrote this piece long time back.  It was in my draft, now publishing this.

That feeling of not able to achieve what I am capable of.

That feeling of emptiness where I don’t feel appreciated.

That feeling of not being able to help others despite having the heart to do that.

That feeling of sometimes not even being able to help myself.

That feeling of betraying my own self by not accomplishing things that I was supposed to. Continue reading

3 Day quotes challenge – Day 1

Oh, my second nomination for this blog!  I am glad. This time for a quote challenge.  And thank you very much M for the nomination.

So, I was confused between posting an existing quote or write one of my own.  Then I decided for the former, as inspiration didn’t strike me to write one on my own.

Either get busy living or get busy dying
By Stephen King (Shashank Redemption)

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A day when my son taught me something important 

I know kids teach a lot to parents than the other way around.

That’s what happened to me yesterday.

My son and I were sitting on the sofa and I was playing with him.  I made a barking dog symbol with my hand and began bow bow bow. Then I said it’s going to bite him. Then he said he has a lion in his hand,  and when I barked loud and told him that dog is going to fight with his lion.

I played with him like that once. Next time, I told him “Let’s see who wins the fight this time” and went to attack his lion 🙂  Continue reading