My date with YourQuote

If you are wondering who is YourQuote, be rest assured that YourQuote is not a girl.  Because if it’s a girl, slippers would head in the direction of my face from my beloved wife.

Ok, poor jokes apart.

After January 12, when I wrote this piece of fiction, I really haven’t been writing much.  Enter March 1, I was almost into Writer’s Block.  Yeah, my Ribo.  😦

By now, my work life had become just too busy to even think about writing, let alone sit and write something.  I couldn’t get any time at all for writing.

I desperately needed something to keep me going in my writing journey.  That’s when I discovered

I got to know of it from one of my relatives, who is also a Writer and blogs here.

(Warning: She is a better writer than me.  Don’t unfollow me after visiting her blog. 😛 )

When I joined YourQuote, I immediately felt at home.  Because it was a community of writers.  YourQuote is a mobile app (Both Android and iOS versions available), where you can simply write quotes or nanotales or any random piece of writing or even longer ones if you prefer.  The app places your words in a beautiful background image and publishes it.

What got me interested was that they had a word of the day challenge, where many new and seasoned writers participated.

It soon became interesting and I started writing more and more quotes, nanotales, etc.

The interesting part is I didn’t need to spend a lot of time together to write and socialize.  It was just minutes.  That solved a critical problem for me.  Lack of Time.

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