Good news: Moving to a new domain + Sample chapter of my new EBook

So, it’s been a while since I have written something on this blog.  Yes, I have been busy with writing an Ebook and some personal duties.  The last few weeks have been very hectic.  But there’s a good news.  There’s two infact.

#1 – Moving to a new domain

My wordpress blog ( would be moving to a new domain (  I had a lot of doubt whether to go for or  Then I thought, rajawrites would be more apt, because I am planning to write on several topics and not just short stories.  So in a few days, you might not see this wordpress blog and I will be redirecting the traffic to the new domain.  So wish me good luck with the new domain 🙂

#2 – Sample chapter of my new EBook

My sample chapter for the EBook “What I learnt by writing 26 short stories in 7 days” is ready.  You can download it by visiting this link and entering my email list:


The sole purpose of getting your email id in this site is to send you spam mails.  Just kidding.  It’s to keep the email list updated with the latest about the EBook.  I want to send out updates to only those who are really interested in the EBook.

Please do read it and send me your feedback.


With these good news, I am signing off today.  Have a wonderful weekend.


It never heals!

The pain never subsides, till we address it.

The wound never heals, till we nurse it.

But doing these would force us to accept whatever has happened to us and move on with them.

Did we have the guts to relive those painful moments once again, in order to make peace with them?

No. We kept distracting ourselves.

We discovered new passions.


Some of us bled our words in poetry.  Some of us started a startup.  Some of us started reading books.  Some of us started to learn swimming.  Some of us took photos of birds and insects. Continue reading

Announcing 2 new EBooks

My dear readers/writers,

I am glad to announce that I am planning to self publish 2 Ebooks in the coming weeks.

As you know, I recently wrote 26 short stories in 7 days in the A to Z short story challenge, I am planning to self publish two Ebooks out of it.

Book #1:

Collection of all or the best short stories that I wrote during the challenge.  I am planning to append each short story with a section called Behind the Scenes which talks about what went through my mind when I wrote that story, how that story originated and what decisions the character took, etc.

Book #2:

TitleWhat I learnt from writing 26 short stories in 7 days?

Format – Kindle EBooks

Target Audience – Upcoming writers, struggling writers looking for motivation, upcoming writers who are looking to come out of their writer’s block?

This is basically what I learnt from this short challenge.  It will detail out how the challenge started, the plans I made for the challenge, what changed in between, my learning, how I overcame Writer’s Block, etc.

I am planning to publish Book #2 first and Book #1 a bit later, as I have got some work to do for it.  So I am here to take a list of readers/writers who might be interested in Book #2 first.

During the promotional days, I would give this EBook for free.  If you are interested in the learning that I had, please click the below link and fill your email id.

If you are interested, click here.

Please feel free to reblog this post or share the url with your friends/readers/writers who might be interested.

Also, if you have any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments.

Z – Zoo (A short fiction)

It was a hot summer day, when we went to the zoo. Our school was taking us to an excursion, to the zoo. And we were all very happy. We were studying 7th standard, so we were all pretty excited to see the animals over there.

This was the 90s, when India was just entering into a period where it could be called a developing economy in another 10 years.

So, during that phase, going to a zoo was such an achievement and so much enjoyment that we were all extremely elated.


So, we reached there in a bus arranged by the school. And there were teachers who took us along to each area and showed the animals to us.

“Hey, look there. It’s a deer.” someone said.

“Hey, look there. It’s a peacock.” the other said.

Everyone was so excited to see the animals. I was pretty excited too. But I would always miss the excitement of a big group of friends. I was always a misfit to any group, so I was alone mostly. Continue reading

Y – Yogurt (A short fiction)

I always loved yogurts, I loved the different flavours of it. Even my dad loved yogurts, Every time we buy some and bring it home, he and me would compete with each other to get to the yogurt first.

But my dad remains no more, he died when I was very young, like I was 8 years old. I was told by my paternal uncle, Shakthi, that he died due to excessive drinking. Yeah, he was a drinker, he used to drink a lot. If it was now, I would have openly said him not to drink, but at that time, I never knew something like this could happen due to drinking.

My uncle and aunt were responsible in my growth. They took care of me like my parents, ever since my dad left me. I had lost my mother immediately after giving birth to me. I have just seen her photo, wasn’t fortunate to see her face even once. So, from very early on in my life, my father, my uncle and my aunt were very close to each other.


We all used to stay together in our big bungalow.

My dad ran many companies and I should say we are all very rich. I have heard from my uncle that he struggled to find a good job and eventually settled to work as assistant to my Dad. Continue reading

X – Xylophone (A short fiction)

My daughter loved the music that came from the xylophone. Especially if it came from her dad’s xylophone. She has had a strange attraction towards the xylophone.

My husband, an art lover and more specifically a music lover always loved to play the xylophone for our daughter. The happiness that we saw in her whenever she heard the music was priceless.

So, he would come home from work, would get refreshed, have a cup of tea and would start to play the xylophone, to cheer up our daughter. My daughter absolutely would love it. Even, I loved his music. It was a treat to the ears. He was exceptional with his xylophone skills. Me and my daughter would be gleefully listening to the music, we would completely forget ourselves. Sometimes, we would get tears in our eyes with the happiness filled in our hearts.


It was like a ritual for us daily. This would happen for several years, even after our daughter grew up till age 6. Continue reading