I have always felt that something is calling me. Something deep within my heart. Even though I was happy with my profession, something kept on calling me.

It made me anxious for no reason. It made me uneasy. Days, months and a few years went by as it made me more and more restless.

I kept on searching for it. Then I realized, it was the Writer in me that wanted to come out. Β It was trying to call me and tell me, “Please let me out.” When I started writing, I realized that I loved it. I was in a separate world when I wrote, away from this world. All of a sudden, I could feel less of that anxiety. All of a sudden, I could feel that I could express a lot more than what I usually do. That’s when I started writing more. I had many works in my drafts. But then I realized that I should share it with the world.

That’s how this blog got started. It’s a platform to share my writing (mostly short stories till now). Please feel free to like, dislike, share and critique my writing and stories.

Hoping to enjoy this journey as a Writer. Β Please join my journey by following my blog.


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