It never heals!

The pain never subsides, till we address it.

The wound never heals, till we nurse it.

But doing these would force us to accept whatever has happened to us and move on with them.

Did we have the guts to relive those painful moments once again, in order to make peace with them?

No. We kept distracting ourselves.

We discovered new passions.


Some of us bled our words in poetry.  Some of us started a startup.  Some of us started reading books.  Some of us started to learn swimming.  Some of us took photos of birds and insects.

But we didn’t address the pain, whatever we did was just a distraction.

Maybe it will keep us busy so much that we never get time to think about our dreadful past.

But they still remain.  All the wounds.  Those painful moments.  The scars.

They will haunt us every time we think about them.

And what can trigger that thinking?

As simple as a movie scene, an sms, a song sequence, a piece of lyric, some quote, a facebook post, a picture, a story or just by seeing some people.

That’s why I say, it never heals.

– Mitadaur



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