I hate my first period – A short fiction

I hate my first period. I used to love it, until a year back.

As soon as the school bell rang, we would all finish our chit chat at the corridor and hurry into the classroom.  My first period was English.  And our English teacher was our new class teacher.  

I used to love the subject as well as the teacher. She was very sweet. She never used to scold us. In fact, she used to tell a lot of stories which had lot of moral values in them.  She inspired us.  She was a rolemodel.  She was a perfect example of how a teacher should be. We all loved her.

And at the tender age of 11, which student would like a subject if he/she doesn’t like the teacher?

I thoroughly enjoyed her class.  Other classes would not feel that great.  But I used to look forward to going to school, because we had such a brilliant start to our days.

This happened for nearly 6 months.  Then things changed.  My class teacher had to quit school, in the middle of the year due to some personal reasons.

Then our happy times ended.  We had a new class teacher.  In fact, she was our maths teacher.  And one of the most hated teachers in school. Continue reading