True Test – A quote

Most people can survive a rough day, but true test of character is when you survive a day, on which you were supposed to die.

By Rajaraman

This quote was written in response to Daily Word prompt Test

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Ribo – A short fiction

It’s 2 AM on a Saturday night.  And I am trying to write something.  I badly want to start something.  It’s been over 4 days since I have written.  I keep scratching my head for some idea out of the blue.

But my friend Ribo is bothering me.

“Hey, let’s check that youtube video.” he said.

“No mate.  No.  Please.  I don’t want to get distracted.  I am thinking about what to write.”  I said.

“Hey, what’s the big deal if you watch this video for 5 minutes.”  he argued.

“Hey.  Don’t you understand No.  A No means no.  Please don’t force me. Did you get it?”

His face droops, disappointed that he couldn’t find a partner.  He remains silent for sometime while I continue to think what to write.

“Oh God.  What’s this? Why am I not getting any inspiration to write? My mind is too clouded to write. I should do something about it.” I said. Continue reading

100 Followers – An emotional side, a rational side and a few tips

First the emotional side of it:

Yesterday, I got a wordpress alert that I have reached 100 followers.  I felt really good.


100 is a significant number.  It’s used as a base for percentages, marks, a great milestone in cricket.

Above all, 100 means a lot for an upcoming Writer like me.  It’s a milestone that I will remember.

When I started writing this blog, I started writing only short stories.

Then I slowly started writing quotes, then a few monologues if you could call them, then a few rants, a couple of haikus, etc.

You have accepted them all and gave me good feedback.

I do have a few writings in my draft which I haven’t published yet in this blog for fear of rejection. Continue reading

Truly Stylish

Truly Stylish is not the one who wears an awesome jean,

Truly Stylish is not the one who wears stud in one ear to show off his coolness,

Truly Stylish is not wearing the latest modern dresses from the costliest store,

Truly Stylish is not the one who wears all branded clothes,

Truly Stylish is not the one who wears matching ear rings to her dupatta,

Truly Stylish is the one who, despite being in great trouble, goes forward to help others,

Truly Stylish is the one who, in this social media world, doesn’t care for the likes and the upvotes,

Truly Stylish is the one who cares for her fellow being,

Truly Stylish is the one who doesn’t care about being called Stylish.,

Truly Stylish is the one who are truly stylish from the heart!


– Just a random rant using the word prompt Stylish.

A rant about flawed rules

I attended a writer’s event recently, where I met a reader/writer.  We talked, became friends and he was rubbishing about the rules of so much blog posts as part of the entry criteria for making into a particular blogging community.

I was thinking, why was he so upset.

Then I read one of his blog posts A Definitive pursuit and then understood the real reason behind his frustration.

But even then, I was not completely empathetic towards his situation until it happened to me.

He had a goal of 10 posts.  I had 20, which I completed recently. Continue reading