Why do I Write?

Recently I came across a blog post “Why Do I write?”.  Ever since reading that insightful blog post, I started wondering Why I write.

For years, I have been always thinking that I had something to say to the world.  I found out my passion for writing when I started a tech blog in the field of software development.  That’s when I found out that people do listen to you when you say something meaningful.  And the internet is so vast that you tend to meet like minded people somehow or the other.

I thought I had some knowledge to share and hence I shared it.  But again I felt constrained.  I felt that maybe I had more things to share.  But I didn’t know how to share it.  More experiences, more learnings, more viewpoints and more everything. Continue reading

There I am…

There I am.  Staring at the blank document.  For nearly half an hour now.  What I wanted to do?  Write.  But what I didn’t do?  Write.  I was waiting for inspiration to strike.  I was waiting for something to write.

Nothing struck me.  As time passed by, I thought why can’t I write about how I felt when I couldn’t get any topic to write about.  What am I doing?  What am I thinking?  What should I do?

Was the document blank or my mind blank?  I am sure it was the former, as my mind is always filled with something or the other.

I clicked on tabs after tabs in my browser, visited websites after websites.  But I couldn’t find inspiration.   Continue reading