The day I stole a rubber!

It was Friday evening.  And it was flea market time.  Every small vendor had setup their shops on their big blue coloured sheets, which could be easily wrapped up along with the items, in case it rains.

“That shining rubber.  Those awesome pencils.  Wow.  Lovely.” Prabhu thinks to himself.  Prabhu was with his mother looking to purchase some stationeries.  Prabhu and his mother shared a great relationship.  Anyways, how else can a relationship be for a boy with his mother at the age of 13?

“How much is this?” Prabhu’s mom enquires to one of the shopkeeper about the pencil box, that she wanted to buy for him.

As his mom was busy trying to see different pencil boxes, Prabhu set his eyes on something else. Continue reading