Second chance!

“Ever since I started my sweet shop, I have treated all my employees like my family.  Yet, someone managed to steal from the galla petti (Money box).”  thought Murugan, the owner of the sweet shop. Someone had stolen Rs. 4000/- from the money box.

“This is the first time that we are using the CCTV footage to find out who took it.”  Murugan thought to himself.

Watching the footage at 4:15 PM,

“Dei, play it forward to 4:50.  Because I was there till 4:50”  said Murugan to Dhaya, who was operating the remote.

There were 6 people in the room.  Everyone was a bit tensed.  Reason being, it was not a healthy environment to see things like this in a work environment.  And if someone breaks the trust, it is the entire team that comes under scrutiny from the next time onwards.

“Who would have taken it?  Maybe one of the new guys?  Maybe Anbu?  or Logu?  Those are the two new guys.”  he thought to himself. As he knew for sure that the old employees wouldn’t have done this. Continue reading

Then I clicked Send!

“Then I clicked Send.

Aah!  That feeling of anxiousness when I clicked send.  Unexplainable!

Nervous energy took over me.  I was nearly trembling and kept on clicking Inbox every few seconds.  Every micro second seemed like a minute as I kept on clicking the Inbox link, like a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patient, which I am not.

What would be her response?  I pondered over that question a million times before writing to her, while writing to her and after writing to her.  It shouldn’t be a No, I thought to myself.

If it’s a No, I would be heartbroken.

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