My date with YourQuote

If you are wondering who is YourQuote, be rest assured that YourQuote is not a girl.  Because if it’s a girl, slippers would head in the direction of my face from my beloved wife.

Ok, poor jokes apart.

After January 12, when I wrote this piece of fiction, I really haven’t been writing much.  Enter March 1, I was almost into Writer’s Block.  Yeah, my Ribo.  😦

By now, my work life had become just too busy to even think about writing, let alone sit and write something.  I couldn’t get any time at all for writing.

I desperately needed something to keep me going in my writing journey.  That’s when I discovered

I got to know of it from one of my relatives, who is also a Writer and blogs here.

(Warning: She is a better writer than me.  Don’t unfollow me after visiting her blog. 😛 )

When I joined YourQuote, I immediately felt at home.  Because it was a community of writers.  YourQuote is a mobile app (Both Android and iOS versions available), where you can simply write quotes or nanotales or any random piece of writing or even longer ones if you prefer.  The app places your words in a beautiful background image and publishes it.

What got me interested was that they had a word of the day challenge, where many new and seasoned writers participated.

It soon became interesting and I started writing more and more quotes, nanotales, etc.

The interesting part is I didn’t need to spend a lot of time together to write and socialize.  It was just minutes.  That solved a critical problem for me.  Lack of Time.

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Day off. Night off.



I have come to accept this.

My new way of life.  A new beginning.  A sacrifice.

For my ailing mother, for my younger brother who wants to study.

Or at least I want him to study.  Even if it’s at the cost of my life.

Today is my first day.  I feel very nervous.

The girls whom I met say that I will be nervous for the first couple of times.  After that, I would get used to it.

Luckily I get to study too.  It’s a bonus for me.  But it will be difficult to manage both work and studies.  But I have to manage.

Now, I am standing along with other girls in revealing attire.  For the view of the customers.

They carefully take a glance at each of us like we were some piece of meat, that they are going to swallow.  One of the customers chooses me.


Oh my God.  He is so well built.

Will he handle me gently?

Or will he leave me in pieces?

I had several questions in mind, while I was guiding him to a room.

I am too nervous.  Will I be able to manage?

I was thinking all these things, when he groped me.  I trembled in fear.

He stripped me naked.  I felt ashamed.  I felt very low.  I felt like I was worthless.

But I had to do this.

—After sometime—

The customer is gone.  Oh, i feel the pain.  Will I manage to go to school tomorrow?

Or do I have to take a day off?

But surely, I can’t take the night off.


– A diary entry of a girl’s first day as a prostitute (One of many girls who chose this path due to family poverty)

This was written as part of the daily prompt word “Nervous”.

A desire so strong!



A desire so strong,

It all went wrong.


I am consumed by your lust,

With passion, making me burst.


I know you are not mine always,

Anytime, we can part ways.

I still remember our meeting that went wild,

I ended up playing with you in bed like a little child.

How I wish that meeting didn’t happen.

How I wish I didn’t fall for you often.

When we meet, you push me to the edge of ecstasy.

A breakup?  I don’t fancy.

I don’t care if you have a family.

When you are with me, just make love to me happily.

I promise I won’t spoil your life,

Ever, I don’t want to be your wife.

I just want to be your mistress,

Just remember, I am here to relieve your stress.



I know I am making a sin.

But when you visit me, don’t ever ask me “May I come in?”

— By the other woman!



Writing after a long time.  This post is just to get into the groove.

I hate my first period – A short fiction

I hate my first period. I used to love it, until a year back.

As soon as the school bell rang, we would all finish our chit chat at the corridor and hurry into the classroom.  My first period was English.  And our English teacher was our new class teacher.  

I used to love the subject as well as the teacher. She was very sweet. She never used to scold us. In fact, she used to tell a lot of stories which had lot of moral values in them.  She inspired us.  She was a rolemodel.  She was a perfect example of how a teacher should be. We all loved her.

And at the tender age of 11, which student would like a subject if he/she doesn’t like the teacher?

I thoroughly enjoyed her class.  Other classes would not feel that great.  But I used to look forward to going to school, because we had such a brilliant start to our days.

This happened for nearly 6 months.  Then things changed.  My class teacher had to quit school, in the middle of the year due to some personal reasons.

Then our happy times ended.  We had a new class teacher.  In fact, she was our maths teacher.  And one of the most hated teachers in school. Continue reading

Ribo gets outside support

[This is almost real with little fiction. If you don’t know about the character Ribo, he is my Writer’s Block.  Please read my previous posts Ribo – A short fiction and My Tryst with Ribo continues to understand his motivations, the way he works and our conversations. Those who know about Ribo, carry on with this post.]

Ribo challenged me last time that he would come back stronger.  Bad news was he did.  Let’s see how our conversion went.

Me: My mind is blank right now.  I can’t think.  It’s like a blank page now.

Ribo: Hey, I told you.  I will find newer and newer ways to make you not write.  I tried confusion to unsettle you.  It didn’t work out.  You wrote about what was bothering you and in turn about me.  I needed some other tool to block you.  By God’s grace, Your work at office increased and also Prime Minister Modi’s move helped me.  It served as a much needed distraction.  You haven’t wrote anything for two weeks now except the viral whatsapp message.

Me: Hmmm. You had me, this time.  But I won’t allow you to distract me for long.  That’s why I am writing now.  About you.  My conversation with you.

Ribo: Don’t you think you have deviated from your goal of writing short stories?  I mean what are you? Are you a short story writer? Or a blogger or a little bit of everything? What the hell are you anyways?

Me: I am what I am.  I want to write fiction.  But occasionally I also want to share my knowledge or my learning to other reader/writers.

Ribo: Oh. Hell with that. Come on. Take a decision now.  What are you?

Me: I am a Writer.

Ribo:  What kind?

Me: It doesn’t matter as long as i am honing my writing muscles.

Ribo: This won’t fetch you any money. This won’t fetch you any popularity.  This won’t build an effective reader base.  Your readers wouldn’t know what kind of writer you are.  When they come to your blog, they wouldn’t know what to look forward to.  Don’t you think you are doing rubbish?

Me: Stop that Mr. Ribo.  Don’t you think you are going overboard?

Ribo: No.  Not at all.  Why the hell aren’t you answering my question yet?

Me: See, I actually thought about it.  I tried to stick to one thing.  But I couldn’t.  Basically I don’t work that way.  Like many human beings.  Different things motivate me.  Different things move me.  So I do want to write about different things, different people, on different subjects.

Ribo: Oh. Come on. Stop that shit.  I think you don’t know what’s your vision.

Me: My long term vision is to make an impact in someone’s life through my writing.  My short term vision is to connect with my readers by writing good stories/posts.  That’s it.  I am doing a decent job at that.  Few people are liking what I write and engaging with me.  That’s all I need at the moment.

Ribo: Yeah, I see that.  But anyways what you are doing will lead you nowhere.

Me: See Ribo, I do care about your views, but I disagree with them.  I believe all this will lead to something bigger.  I do not see the end now.  But I am confident that this would help in the long run.

Ribo:  I don’t think so.  I think you should start focussing on one topic and write about it.  Otherwise better quit writing.

Me: Quit writing? What do you think? I will quit that easily. Maybe there will be some off days. But I promise I won’t quit.

Ribo: Then, change your direction.  I really don’t like your direction.

Me: No. Sorry.  I won’t.  I really like what I am doing.  And I will continue doing that.

Ribo: [Having lost on ideas] You are a tough nut to crack, you idiot.

Me: Yeah.  I told you.  Whenever you are blocking me, I will write about you.

Ribo: I see.  You have written many posts about me.

Me: Yeah. If that helps other writers, I am not so sure.  But it’s helping me for sure.

Ribo: Oh come on.  You are going to make me jobless.  No. No. No.  What am I saying?  I will try to come up with more innovative ideas to keep you off writing.

Me: Try your luck.  In fact, every time you block me, I am writing about you and I get a feeling that I am getting stronger by the day.  I feel much better now.  In fact, I feel much more clearer in my vision.

Ribo: That sucks.  I will try to break you, buddy.

Me: I will sign off with one of the quotes that I wrote.

You can beat the shit out of me, bring me down to my knees, but I promise I will rise again. Better and stronger.


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What I learnt from writing an anonymous message on whatsapp that went viral?

[Not a short story]

First of all, I broke my writing rhythm.  I have not written anything for two weeks except a single piece (which forms the crux of this post).

I got extremely busy at office.  Plus to add to that this entire thing that made the whole nation crazy is keeping my mind occupied.  Yeah, you guessed it right.  I am talking about demonetization.

Like every person who heard the news, I was surprised by the gutsy move by our Prime Minister.  But when I watched the news channels, almost all news channels except one bashed the move as it was affecting the common man.  I had strong feelings and opinions to share about the topic, so I wanted to write something about it.

I had to wait till next day for writing the message.  But I thought, how would I propagate the message to a larger audience.  I wanted to know a few things here.  Whether people will accept what I am about to write.  And who will share my message to the larger public.

So I used a different medium other than my blog.  Yes, it was Whatsapp. Continue reading

Accident of a not so loved one? [Real] – A repost

[This is not fiction, but real, absolutely real. I made some edits in wordpress mobile app, it somehow managed to delete the entire post. So reposting it.]

This morning, I opened my office email to a bad news. The sad demise of a colleague due to an accident.  And she wasn’t someone I knew.  I have never met her or even spoken with her. But I have often seen her in my office’s pantry and cafeteria. And I felt bad about the news.

Death at such a young age, due to an accident.  Wish some things could be reversed.

This reminded me of a similar experience that I had last year. Another colleague of mine met with an accident and died.  Again I didn’t knew him much, I have talked with him once through a common friend.  I knew him no more than that, never spoke with him.  An occasional hi, bye..  That’s it.

But I felt bad again, that day.

Cause of both these deaths: Accident.

As I was thinking about these two people, I felt sad. I am a nobody to these folks. Yet I felt sad. I just imagined how their loved ones would have felt. Their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, close friends and family.  How much their hearts would have felt?

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